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As of May 24, 2018 - Stay tuned for updates!

1.    Cruz Control Session IPA / 4.2% / 43 IBU
Sit back and let this Session IPA take you on an enjoyable ride. Clean, light-bodied with a delightful, hoppy finish. Go on, take it easy and Cruz through the day with this refreshing IPA!
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

2.    Fat Lenny New England Style IPA / 5.9% / 60 IBU
This New England style IPA has a juicy flavored, tropical hop-layered aroma coupled with a smooth mouthfeel.   With little to no lingering bitterness, this is a dangerously drinkable beer! 
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

3.    Stoney MacGuyver IPA / 7.5% / 85 IBU
Hoppy? Absolutely. A well-balanced India Pale Ale with a strong alpha punch in the front and lasting resinous finish. The over-the-top complex and pungent aroma is the result of copious amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops.
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

4.    Cascadian Rebellion Black IPA / 7.9% / 99 IBU
A Black India Pale Ale with big citrus aroma and resinous flavor, hitched with toasty flavors from the dark roasted malts.  A dark, hop-forward beer that brings harmony between the dark grains typically used in porters and a sick amount of hops used in IPAs that’ll appease those who enjoy Porters and IPAs. *Limited Release*
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

5.     She Knows I'm Legit IPA/ 6.7% / 30 IBU
A sexy scorpion of an IPA that is hazy with hints of strawberry & tangerine.  Brewed with Idaho 7 hops give this beer its tropical aroma and piney character.  Come enjoy this summer fruit cup! *Limited Release*
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

6.     The Stallion NE IIPA/ 9.6% / 84 IBU
Who are you?  The Stallion. Juicy, Juicy, get it?  Single hop with a tropical, clean, velvety mouthfeel...did we mention it's Juicy? *Limited Release*
$7/12oz pour & $24/growler fill

7.     The Waffling Belgian IIPA/ 9.8% / 80 IBU
Stop Waffling and give this Belgian a try!  Golden in color with a billowy head.  Light caramel aroma with a hint of Belgian funk to give it a dry finish. *Limited Release*
$6/12oz pour & $18/growler fill

8.     Permanent Vacation Pale Ale / 5.3% / 32 IBU
A slightly sweeter, malt forward hoppy pale ale.  The Simcoe & Crystal hops ignite your senses with its citrus and pine flavors making this a more full bodied pale ale.  It's easy to drink a few of these so close your eyes and go on a permanent vacation.
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

9.    Coffee Catalyst Pale Ale / 5.5% / 50 IBU
Made with Doma coffee, an easy drinking pale ale with a kick. *Limited Release*
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

10.    Jonny On The Spot Pale Ale / 5.5% / 32 IBU
A go to pale.  Malts from Great Britain & hops from the PNW share the spotlight. You can't lose with this balanced, easy drinking pale ale. *Limited Release*
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

11.    Cheap Prick Kölsch Style Ale / 4.5% / 10 IBU
Brewed with the light beer drinker in mind, this ale exemplifies what craft beer is all about - taste. This German Ale is an extremely drinkable beer with a light malty backbone followed by a smooth, clean, crisp finish.
$4/pint & $12/growler fill

12.   OPC Hefeweizen / 5.1% / 27 IBU
You down with O.P.C.? An approachable American style wheat ale. Our signature yeast stays suspended to give a hazy appearance. Made with real orange peels and fresh cracked coriander added at the end to make this a delightfully, smooth, classic beer.
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

13.   Mullet Warrior Brown Ale / 5.9% / 25 IBU
Smooth like a fresh cut mullet.  Meet the porter's little brother - medium bodied and nutty with hints of chocolate. This one will keep your neck warm. *Limited Release*
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

14.   Big Jilm / 5.5% / 20 IBU  - Barrel-Age Coming Soon
What’s the biggest thing you ever did done see, Big Jim?  This one is rowdy and delicious! Enriched with Doma coffee, this is a dark, high gravity, full-bodied porter that drinks more like an 8% beer.  It’s hard to resist something so big and delicious so get yourself a pour! *Limited Release*
$6/12 oz pour & $18/growler fill

15.   Dr. Roktober Festbier / 5.9% / 23 IBU
A seasonal favorite. This copper-red gem has a full-bodied maltiness thanks to Cara Vienna & Cara Munich malts. A slightly sweet finish and a very smooth flavor will leave you craving another liter. Prost! *Limited Release*
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

16.   No Good Bastard Amber / 4.1% / 25 IBU - Coming Soon
Have you seen the color on this bastard?  This copperish amber has a nose that is soft and subtle, with hints of fruity malts.  You’ll notice a bit of complex flavors and textures flowing through your mouth that finishes smooth and clean, leaving just the slightest coating on your cheeks that allows you to savor the flavor.
$5/pint & $15/growler fill





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