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As of September 22, 2017 - Stay tuned for updates!

1.    Supa-Fliipa IIPA / 8.5% / 70 IBUs
SO WHAT!  This beer is straight delicious.  Late addition hops keep this beer off the bitterness, but heavy on the flavor.  
$6/tulip & $18/growler fill

2.    Stoney MacGuyver IPA / 7.2% / 85 IBUs
Hoppy? Absolutely. A well-balanced India Pale Ale with a strong alpha punch in the front and lasting resinous finish. The over-the-top complex and pungent aroma is the result of copious amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops.
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

3.    SSSSick and Rowdy IIPA / 9.0% / 85 IBUs  
Our namesake double IPA!  Heavy on Citra hops throughout the process. Delicious and drinkable considering its ABV.  Part of the rotating double IPA series get it while you can!
$6/tulip & $18/growler fill

4.    Permanent Vacation Pale Ale / 5.3% / 32 IBUs
Simcoe/Crystal pale ale.  Nice hoppy nose with a sweet malty finish.  Great beer for hop lovers and malt lovers both!  
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

5.    Cruz Control Session IPA / 4.2% / 43 IBUs
Delicious light-bodied hoppy beer.  A riff on the Catalyst Pale Ale from our original lineup.  Great beer to have a few of without filling up.  This beer may be good with coffee in it too....STAY TUNED
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

6.    Cascadian Rebellion Black IPA / 7.9% / 99 IBUs
A Black India Pale Ale with big citrus aroma and resinous flavor coupled with toasty flavors from the dark roasted malts. Some from the Republic of Cascadia use the moniker CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale); we beg to differ.  A dark hop forward beer that’ll appease those who enjoy Porters and IPAs.  
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

7.    Cheap Prick Kolsch / 4.5% / 10 IBUs
Brewed with the light beer drinker in mind, this ale exemplifies what craft beer is all about; taste. This is an extremely drinkable beer with a light malty backbone followed by a smooth, clean finish. 
$4/pint & $12/growler fill

8.    Burley Hermit Robust Porter / 6.4% / 36IBUs
Delicious porter ale.  Smoky, roasted and mellow. Thin-bodied and great for sipping.  Porter has no season!

$5/pint & $15/growler fill

9.   OPC Hefeweizen / 5.1% / 27IBUs
American twist on classic German style.  This beer is brewed with American wheat, Canadian barley and resembles a Belgian wit with the addition of orange peel and coriander.  The United Nations of beer! You down wit OPC?
$5pint & $15/growler fill

10.   Big Jilm Imperial Coffee Porter / 11.0% / 30 IBUs

What's the biggest thing you ever did done see Big Jilm?  This one is rowdy.  Dark, strong, full-bodied.  Delicious.

$6/12oz & $18/growler fill

11.   FAT LENNY / 5.9% / 60 IBUs
Our take on a New England style beer.  End loaded with Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic hops.  Juicy, fruity and delicious!
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

12.   Rotating Shandy / 4.5% / 10 IBUs
A new flavor constantly rotating!
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

13.   Totes McOats Milk Stout / 4.0% / 20 IBUs
Delicious, creamy lactose stout.  Great mouthfeel and nice roasted notes.  Small batch get it while you can!
$5/pint & $15/growler fill

What's fermenting??

Fermenter #1 - Deaner - Mullet Warrior Brown

Fermenter #2 - Gener - No Good Bastard Amber

Fermenter #3 - Dave - Sticky Icky Icky -  Fresh El Dorado

Fermenter #4 - Glenn - Vanilla Stout



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